What is mBIT Coaching?

An mBIT Coach is uniquely different to a traditional coach. The main differences between a conventional coach and an mBIT Coach is in what is facilitated and how it is facilitated. It is a powerful new approach to personal development, based on the latest neuroscience, enabling you to align the different aspects of your personality - your emotions, your intellect and your actions to enable you to make the best decisions at work, home or relationships.

This is the next level of coaching. Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka have produced a leading edge coaching model that uses a suite of practical techniques and concepts from NLP, Cognitive Linguistics, Positive Psychology and the field of Behavioural Modelling.

The latest Neuroscience confirms that we have intelligence systems not only in our head, but also in our heart and gut. Each of these intelligence systems has a role to play and their own core competencies. They all do different things and have habits and learnt patterns that can be aligned. When they are aligned and coherent you will be operating at your most powerful. By using mBIT on a regular basis, you can and will evolve new neural patterns and circuits within yourself.

As your coach, I will be using my knowledge of multiple brain techniques to facilitate your own release from autopilot, encourage new insights and align your brain’s preferences to embed new learning and behaviour.
mBIT Coaching is not counselling, mentoring or training. I will not be instructing you or doing it for you. mBIT coaching is “self-directed” and focused solely on drawing out what’s already there. It really is an inside job!

Elizabeth Hartley is the founder of The Canterbury Coaching Centre.

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