Signature Course - LOVING YOUR LIFE

A personal self exploration journey using mBIT, NLP and Positive Psychology

This one year webinar based course can be completed from the comfort of your own home and anywhere in the world

Package 1 - LOVING YOUR LIFE Book Journey and Monthly Webinar
Package 2 - LOVING YOUR LIFE Book Journey Monthly Webinar and mBIT Coaching
Package 3 - International Retreats, daily LOVING YOUR LIFE Workshops and mBIT Coaching

We invite you to come on a generative Book Journey and coaching experience. A personal self exploration journey using mBIT, NLP and Positive Psychology. This course is based on a book by Grant Soosalu which consists of 30 explorations on LOVING YOUR LIFE.

The LOVING YOUR LIFE journey runs for a year, the book is the detailed breakdown of 3 bite size explorations monthly. There is also a monthly webinar with a licensed LOVING YOUR LIFE facilitator. The monthly webinar facilitates the structure and content of the explorations in the book. It is both a guide and a tool for helping you focus on key aspects of loving yourself and your life more fully.

WARNING - Using this book combined with mBIT coaching can seriously improve your lot!

If you wish to be emailed more details about our signature course or our 2018 retreats do contact Elizabeth Hartley using details on the contact page.

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