mBIT Coaching Testimonials

I trained as an mBIT Coach with Elizabeth and would strongly recommend her as a trainer. Elizabeth was very much in-tune with the needs of the group and handled all aspects of the training in a sensitive and professional way. Her exceptional experience as a psychotherapist gave an additional dimension to the delivery of her material and the explanations given to the various topics. Thank you Elizabeth, it was a really great course!

Thank you so much Liz for your caring compassionate nature, this coupled with your skills as an mBIT coach is nothing short of a transformational experience. For years I have experienced various methodologies and I can hand on heart say your combined knowledge has made shifts for me, not just those aha moments but the full embodied learning that it takes to make real change stick and be a place of action from.  SF Midlands 

Liz & I shared interests in the same work that we do. Her work in coaching was vitally important to me when I was at a low ebb in my career. Liz enabled me to see the displacement of ideas in the areas of life at that time. As we are in the same field I have been inspired by some of her thoughts and can say that I will be adding them to my approach. PH Rochester

I have always found Liz to be reliable, professional and can be trusted to deliver what she says she is going to do.Liz has consistently shown the ability to think quickly on her feet and adjust to changing circumstances. Liz is able to think outside the box and is not afraid to stand up for what she feels is right. Canterbury

I find Liz to be always full of relevant ideas and new concepts with a wide breadth of knowledge that she applies in practice. I enjoyed working with Liz she is really easy and comfortable to talk to. Liz helped reduce my anxieties, reflect on previous relationships and adjust my attitude and focus in current relationships. Canterbury

Liz’s sensitivity is both her strength and her gift. Tunbridge Wells

Congratulations to Elizabeth Hartley, our new mBIT Therapist @witherdenshall, whose first session with a guest here has been reviewed as "life changing”. Canterbury

mBIT Coaching Certification Training Testimonials

It's not often one finds themselves on a course that is full of compassion, creativity and courage, and yet this is exactly what was applied on this powerful and soul searching course 'mBIT - Coach Certification'. The trainer Elizabeth Hartley was truly inspiring and heart warming. The structure of the course kept you involved at all times and the learning techniques used helped me in understanding the new scientific approach to aligning our head, heart and gut, something I had never done before. Since being on the course I have been able to apply the simple but effective 'Road Map' on my own life decisions and will continue to embrace mBraining in my new business as 'The Team Coach' I would highly recommend this life changing course to anyone wanting to reach their full potential in their own personal development or to anyone already involved in coaching. AL (November 2017 Training)

From the start of the mBIT Coach Certification Training I was aware of the beautiful, calm energy that stayed with me throughout the four days. Friendly, relaxed, nurturing and structured – layer upon layer of understanding. My personal experience of being the client was profound and my experience of coaching a client one to one, the ease and flow of the mBraining process and using the mBIT coaching cards gave me the clarity of the amazing benefits of using mBIT to coach. Thank you so much Liz Hartley. Brighton

After many weeks of wondering if doing another course was the right thing for me or not, I was drawn to Liz after reading her bio and our shared background in counselling and psychotherapy was also a factor in my decision. I had read the mBraining book before attending the training, but the training brought the book to life for me. Liz had many inspirational words of wisdom throughout and these have stayed with me which I believe is a sign of a good trainer. Knowing that I had the follow up and support of the global mBraining community when the course ended gave me courage to really go with the flow. Thank you, Liz - KC Ireland

Well done Liz Hartley & Sue Frend for an 'excellenting' four days mBIT Coach training. As a mBIT Certified Coach it was an absolute pleasure and a true blessing to be invited to join your first mBIT Coach Certification Course, you can be very proud of the creative, compassionate and courageous training you so enthusiastically and passionately provided - SM

Thank you so so much to Liz Hartley for the wonderful life changing training you provided in such a wonderful heart warming way. I felt completely taken care of 150%. Now I'm ready for some serious action which had been seriously missing before this training... Go go go!!! Xxx - NC Brighton

mBIT International Coaching is running here in the UK with Liz Hartley. Liz has a beautiful coaching style, anybody who interested in taking their coaching skills even higher, then this course is for you. mBIT combines knowledge and wisdom passed down through millennia and the latest insights from positive psychology and neuroscience - MT

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