Welcome to my psychotherapy and counselling page


Bringing together Western therapeutic approaches, Eastern ancient wisdom and Neuroscience

My therapeutic work is with adults. I offer psychotherapy and counselling at my private practice in Canterbury, London and via Skype.

I am a psychotherapist and counselling practitioner with extensive experience. My roots are in psychology, western therapeutic approaches, Buddhist psychology and more recently neuroscience. I trained in Psychology and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at The University of Kent (Canterbury).

Counselling and psychotherapy facilitates a quest for meaning in life and helps transform disappointment and dissatisfaction into greater awareness when there are real life challenges. It also helps you acquire knowledge to stop the troubling patterns that run through your life causing painful emotions and making it feel like things are out of control.

As your therapist I have been trained in a wide range of techniques sourced from psychology training, clinical practice, NLP, mindfulness, and mBraining. I can offer you a private and confidential space to explore, reflect and be heard, to gain clarity and to challenge yourself.

Making a decision to approach therapy or counselling is a positive decision.

There is no 'wrong' time to begin ...

If you wish to book an initial appointment, contact me using details on the contact page. All messages and correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

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