mBIT International Coach Certification Training

Become an mBIT Coach with a professionally certified mBIT Trainer

Who is this training for?

This is an amazing course for anyone who uses coaching skills in their work or life. The course teaches you a powerful suite of techniques that are based in neuroscience and that allow you to facilitate others into a coherent state of alignment in their decision making.


This training is great for professional coaches, counsellors, trainers, educators, leaders, managers, mentors, healthcare, business and sports professionals.

Really it is for anyone who needs to coach others to produce results that can only be achieved when the head, heart and gut are aligned.

Why train to become an mBIT Coach?

The new techniques you will learn in this training:

Are you ready to take your professional practice to the next level?

If you wish to receive our training dates for 2018 contact Elizabeth Hartley using the details on the contact page.

mBIT Coach Certification Course
4 Day Mindfulness and Coherence Coaching

mBIT Coaching is taking the world by storm
Learn to become a Licensed mBIT Coach
4 Days Coach Certification Training + 4 day review
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Dates   Location

October 13, 14, 20, 21  


Faversham (weekend course)

November 15, 16, 22, 23


Royal Tunbridge Wells

The NEW mBIT Weekender training in 2018 - Kent, London and International - Call to book in your location 

My heart
is just not
in it

I think
things over
Too much

I wish I had
more guts to
do it

Torn between
my head and
my heart


When you read these statements, your intuitively get a feeling of what they are referring to?

Welcome to the groundbreaking and exciting field of mBraining, where the latest neuroscience has discovered that we have not one but three functional neural networks in our body - one in our head, one in our heart and one in our gut. These networks have the ability to process information, grow and adapt and make new connections. Neuroscientists are saying these complex networks have all the functions that means we can call them ‘Brains” in their own right. Each of these neural networks or intelligence have prime functions, and we make our best decisions when they are all working in alignment.

mBIT is for EVERYONE. Why? Because every single person on this planet can remember a time when their gut screamed out at them that a situation/person/proposition was wrong. I would also venture that pretty much everyone on this planet has also had their heart broken at some point. Now, can you recall those moments.... remember how you felt, what you could see and smell, AND more importantly, WHERE in your body you experienced those sensations?

So what can mBIT do for you?

mBIT Coaching Session
mBIT coaches you in aligning these three intelligence systems to achieve profound decision making in your daily life: personal relationships, work, family & friends by living your life more creatively, compassionately and courageously. We make truly wise decisions when we come from a place of alignment.

Train to be amongst the worlds first mBIT Coaches
Already a professional - mBIT takes over where NLP leaves off. It's an essential for your tool kit; clients truly resonate with it and it gets results FAST.

At this training you will discover

How to balance the Autonomic Nervous System to quickly relieve stress. How to map our less resourceful patterns and discern what’s needed to bring the nervous system back into balance for optimal functioning. The ways in which we block ourselves from using these higher functions. How your gut and heart brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways. How to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligences. And much more …

mBIT Certified Coaches report how effective and transformational mBIT Coaching is and how it is successfully simple, intuitive and yet profound in its results. This is a very exciting new modality to add to your toolkit. The testimonials from mBIT Coaches are impressive. Have a look at mBraining.com where many of those stories are being shared.

mBIT International Coach Certification Training is a 4 day course that can be taken over 4 consecutive days or over 2 weekends - The NEW mBIT Weekender training in 2018 - Kent, London and International - Call to book in your location 

Book now, details are on the contact page.

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